The following is a record of the history and work performed by the electrical shop aboard the United States Ship Denebola AF-56

The log begins:

September 17, 1971

Departing from Naples enroute to Malaga, Spain

Held PMS for the week

Secured Spaces for heavy seas

Cleaned shop and made preparations for getting underway

Repaired stern light

Holiday routine from 1300

September 18, 1971

Holiday routine

September 19, 1971

Holiday routine

September 20, 1971 to September 23, 1971

Ported Malaga Spain

Liberty port section only aboard and performed weekly and daily routine

September 24, 1971

Sail and ported Rota, Spain

September 25, 1971

Field day all electrical spaces and enroute Norva

Repaired forward boson locker lights

Replaced S&P caps throughout the ship

September 26, 1971

Holiday routine

September 27, 1971

Repaired S&R circuit in reefer shop

Repaired lighting circuits in engine room

Checked out both P and S DC engine room vents

Started this weeks PMS

September 28, 1971

PMS for the week

Cleaned capstan storage space

Held field day in the shop

Hooked up new lights in the carpenter shop

September 29, 1971

Shop was warshed down

Repaired shaft alley lights

September 30, 1971


Ready spaces for inspection

October 1, 1971

Inspection of the troops

Repaired oven in galley

October 2, 1971

Fixed short on #14 unit winch

Arrived Norva 7 day 20 hours to cross

October 2, 1971

Holiday routine

October 4, 1971

Shore power rigged

Repaired hand electric

October 5, 1971

Worked on PMS

Checked and repaired the aircraft warning lights

Repair dryer in laundry

Went to shore power

October 6, 1971 to October 11, 1971

96’s were given to the crew

Duty section aboard only

Normal and routine repair was held for the week

October 11, 1971

Repaired engine room lighting

Repaired Movie projector

Holiday routine

October 12, 1971

Set plant off

Held PMS for the week

Worked on circuits for all four holds

October 13, 1971

PMS for the week

Worked on lighting circuits in all four holds

October 14, 1971

No entry

October 15, 1971

Underway for a 7 day cruise

October 16, 1971

Break out replenishment

PMS for the week

October 17, 1971

Holiday routine

October 18, 1971

Replenishment all day

October 19, 1971

Repaired #6 and #4 unit winches

Installed last of bunk lights

General Quarters in the afternoon

October 20, 1971

Damage control lectures on the mess decks

PMS for the week

Cleaned spaces for entering Port

*During this cruise all Electricians are standing "BT" and "MM" watches as break ins by order. No cooperation by EM’s at all!

October 21, 1971

PMS for the next two weeks

Worked on Dc gear

Worked in holes

Movie call on boilers

Cleaned shop for entering port

Installed light in Pilot house

Entered port; rigged shore power went cold iron.

October 22, 1971

Fixed juice dispenser on mess decks

Made movie run

Worked on shaft alley lights

Fixed telephones

October 23, 1971

Worked on ground in sound powered telephone system& voice tube bell circuits

Fixed Mr. (LTJG) Mazza’s desk light

October 24, 1971

Holiday routine

October 25, 1971

Holiday routine

Answered trouble calls

October 26, 1971

Made Servmart run

Mounted light on bridge for navigator

Worked on sander

Repaired lights in the engine room

Phase fuse blown

October 27, 1971 Wednesday

Duty electrician calls answered by IC electrician

October 28, 1971 Thursday

Worked on Emergency AC Generator starter (unit was grounded)

Answered duty elect calls

October 29, 1971 Friday

Repaired crews projector

October 30, 1971 Saturday

Refused circuits in lower level of No. 3 Hold

October 31, 1971 Sunday

Holiday routine

November 1, 1971 Monday

Held field day

Fixed limit switch on stbd boat davit

Started PMS on controllers A4

Worked on PMS

Sent 1 man (Glenn Train EMFN) to unload CO2 bottles from ship

November 2, 1971 Tuesday

Worked on PMS

Made new PMS schedule

Made out work request for 03-87-0 vent

Cleaned shop

November 3, 1971 Wednesday

Worked on controllers

Worked on lighting panel in engine room

Cleaned shop

November 4, 1971 Thursday

Repaired bunk lights

Repaired lighting circuit in Store room

Continued PMS on controllers

Ran AC Diesel for 1 hour

November 5, 1971 Friday

Cross rate training for us

Made up weekly PMS schedule

Installed kick pipe for welder in passageway outside engine room

Furnished 1 man for a 10 man working party. (Kyle Purvis EMFN)

November 6, 1971 Saturday

Full working day

Cleaned shop

Held PMS

November 7, 1971 Sunday

Holiday routine

November 8, 1971 Monday

Wired up new DC welder

Removed main condensate motor breaker

Continued PMS on controllers

November 9, 1971 Tuesday


Started working in Chiefs quarters

Took breaker to Comservlant

Dryer needed belt

November 10, 1971 Wednesday

PMS for the week

#13 unit winch fan motor to tender

Washing Machine needed adjust

Lube oil purifier needed repair

November 11, 1971 Thursday

Held PMS

Relamped engine room

November 12, 1971 Friday

Held PMS ended this weeks and started next weeks

Cleaned shop and repaired deck crawlers and surveyed 3 of them

Repair Movie Projector (Viewlex)

November 13, 1971 Saturday

Saturday routine and duty

November 11, 1971 Sunday

Sunday holiday routine

November 15, 1971 Monday

Held PMS for the week

Cleaned shop and cleaned out drawers on shops tool bench

Rewrote PMS for us by schedule

Cleaned Battery shop

Got ready for surprise admin inspection

One man for ships working party (Dasalla)

November 16, 1971 Tuesday

Removed light fixture forward main deck

Fixed Mr. Mazza’s desk light of which nothing was wrong

Held PMS

Held extra sensitive shop clean up with emphasis on deck and mat

Mail call 0945

November 17, 1971 Wednesday

Hook up 440 3phase AC up for new radar

Held PMS on AC generators (Dasalla)

Repaired switch panel for new lights in Pilot house

Replaced wiring diagrams in unit winches

One man at fire fighting school (Roberts)

November 18, 1971 Thursday

Replace bad coil in no. 1 topping winch and placed back in commission (Dasalla)

Repaired lids on fuse panels (Ferguson)

Replaced bad brush on ships laundry (S.T.R.)

Worked on vent set 03-88-1 (Ferguson)

Repaired wiring in GSK’s G&H store room (Ferguson)

Repaired cable in sail locker (Purvis)

November 19, 1971 Friday

Pulled and worked on motor whaleboat engine starter

Answered trouble calls on unit winches and blown fuse on Quarterdeck

Hooked up power for radar repeaters

Cleaned up shop and brought down next weeks PMS

November 20, 1971 Saturday J. Baker EM1 Duty Elect

Modified duty day for Saturday

November 21, 1971 Sunday J. Cox ICFN Duty Elect

Holiday routine

November 22, 1971 Monday G. Scott EM2 Duty Elect

Kennedy assassinated 8 years ago

Replaced starter in motor whale boat

Fixed ½" drill for signalmen and quartermasters

November 23, 1971 Tuesday K. Purvis EMFN Duty Elect

Cleaned shop-worked on PMS

Answered trouble calls

November 24, 1971 Wednesday G. Train EMFN Duty Elect

Worked on Mr. Conners Desk light

Sent one man to Todd electric for unit winch vent fan brushes

Cleaned up shop

Commenced holiday weekend for Thanksgiving

November 25, 1971 Thursday Duty Section only Holiday routine

November 26, 1971 Friday Duty Section only Holiday routine

November 27, 1971 Saturday Duty Section only Holiday routine

November 28, 1971 Sunday Duty Section only Holiday routine

November 29, 1971 Monday

Replaced circuit breaker in Ship Service DC switchboard

Held PMS

Went back to Todd Electric for brush holders for #13 unit winch

Made a new Flashlight for Scott EM2

November 30, 1971 Tuesday

Worked on bunk lights in CPO berthing

Replaced receptacle on Quarterdeck

Fixed broken leads on No. 2 Dryer in the laundry

Started work on unit winch controller contacts

Sent Purvis EMFN on a working party

December 1, 1971 Wednesday

Order a work request for new battery chargers

Work on #13 unit winch fan motor

Work on No. 14 unit winch broken movement arm

Man worked in Chiefs Quarters

Worked on floor buffer

Placed no. 13 unit winch back in commission

Replaced No. 14 unit winch 3M coil movement arm (BIC)

Removed leads from ships Career Counseling office

Air cond. Transformer for brick cutter

December 2, 1971 Thursday

Worked on weekly PMS

Megger machinery in engine room

Check out uptakes lights

Worked on lights in Chiefs quarters

Removed fan in aft steering

Made run to Public works (Scott EM2)

Sent one man over to Two day fire fighting school (G. Train EMFN)

December 3, 1971 Friday

Lit off DC generators

Replaced connection on Batt chargers

PMS for the week

Grounded Boswains Coffee pot

Has anyone seen the "Texas Pig" today

He brought down next weeks PMS

He spent two hours in the post office (??????)

He went to GSK and ????? the rest of the day

He may put new contacts in a unit winch

December 4, 1971 Saturday

Normal Saturday only Duty section aboard

Repaired antenna to shop

December 5, 1971 Sunday

Holiday routine

December 6, 1971 Monday

Held a fast cruise, updated watch, quarter and station bill

Un-rig Shore bill (Shore Power)

Installed new coil in main circulate

Repaired controllers on circulate VAPs.

Installed bunk lights in Chiefs quarters

December 7, 1971 Tuesday

Cruise the Bay

December 8, 1971 Wednesday

Work on chiefs Bunk lights

Work on washing machine

Relamp "Friendship lights" for Christmas

Repaired Chiefs hot plate

December 9, 1971 Thursday

Rig Christmas lights for the season

Remove electric valve for the washing machine

#13 unit winch fan motor came lose replace with # 3 unit winch fan

December 10, 1971 Friday

Repaired #3 unit winch with #13 fan motor

Repaired lighting circuit in bilge.

Clean Chiefs quarters

Worked on Christmas lights.

Had trouble with #5 unit winch.

Trouble with washing machine.

Clean shop for the weekend.

December 11, 1971 Saturday

Worked on Mess Deck Amp for IC.

Worked on frozen limit switch on starboard boat davit.

Aux Circuit crapped out-couldn’t repair-burnt out m-coil.

December 12, 1971 Sunday

Holiday Routine

December 13, 1971 Monday

Sent Train FN on 10 man Commissary Working party

Relamped friendship lights and checked them out.

Tried to find M-1 for auxiliary circulate controller

Repaired lighting in engine room.

Started PMS for the week.

Cleared ground from Engineer room lighting

Worked on Captains MG Fuel line.

Energized Friendship lights 0700 Denergized.

Friendship lights (XO ordered latter) not to be energized till 16 Dec 71.

December 14, 1971 Tuesday

Payday for the crew tomorrow 15 Dec 71

Train J. EM3 went home @ liberty call

Manufacturing code TB-16-1 for M-Coil for auxiliary circuit controller.

Repaired limit switch on starboard boat davit.

Field day shop for commander.

Held PMS for today.

Tried to fix BM lights (ground cleared)

Installed M-1 coil in auxiliary circulate controller

Repaired evaporator’s salt water circulating pump.

December 15, 1971, Wednesday

Payday for the crew.

Ordered coil for controller (auxiliary circulate).

Minor repair on two unit winches.

Answered trouble calls.

Clean shop I think.

December 16, 1971, Thursday

Repair shop’s movie projector

Tiny worked on Christmas decorations

One man on line handling party

Worked on lighting circuit #3 hole

PMS for the week.

December 17, 1971, Friday

Repaired lights in #3 hold 2nd level.

Train GW EMFN took military leadership and passed. (at least he did)

Repaired lights N0 #3 hole N0 Level

Secured for sea storm

Cleaned shop for the week

Repaired Captains buffer

Repaired ½" drill.

Set three battery chargers in #4, #3, & #2 holds.

Repaired Christmas Lights on gun mounts, for EM2 Mazza.

"No rest for the wicked"

"Ask what you can do for your country" JFK

December 18, 1971, Saturday

Worked on battery chargers.

Answered trouble calls.

December 19, 1971, Sunday

Rest for all of God’s people

December 20, 1971, Monday

Replaced "M" coil in auxiliary circuit (BIC)

Made unnecessary check on all of the AC Generators circuit breakers.

Answered Trouble calls.

December 21, 1971, Tuesday

Worked on washing machine. Drain cap bent.

Lubricated brake coil plunger on #2 Unit Winch

Trouble shot #12 unit winch for L.V. Coil problem.

Figured out operation of cargo passage handling space.

Picked supplies, pot cable to lugs.

December 22, 1971, Wednesday

Repaired Christmas lights

December 23, 1971, Thursday

Lit off Mark 14 and Mark 23 gyros

Went to Todd Electric in search of 3 microphones for 1 MC on bridge

Worked on 1 MC

Started cleaning #1 S/S DC generator but had to re-assemble due to engineering problems

Checked Christmas lights and replaced bulb in candle on gun mount #31

Worked on I MC some more.

Worked on #3 cargo reefer compartment controller until midnite, resumed working on same @3am (0300) and repaired (WFS pressure switch fouled).

December 24, 1971, Friday

Christmas Eve

Holiday Routine

Played #1 DC S/S Generator (put on line and then took it off.)

December 25, 1971, Saturday

Holiday Routine

December 26, 1971, Monday

Holiday Routine

December 27, 1971, Tuesday

Unrig "med lights"

unrig Shore power.

Police shop and all electrical spaces.

December 28. 1971 Wednesday

burn shore power cable up (did repair it some).

Disconnect shore power.

Repaired starboard mercury searchlight.

Worked on No. 1 and No. 3 unit winch.

Left Norfolk, Virginia for med cruise.

29 December 1971

general quarters for one hour this morning.

Repaired unit winch No. 7.

Worked most of the day on searchlight's.

Worked on replenishment lights.

Worked on No. 3 unit winch.

Started whale boat.

Repaired degaussing.

30 December 1971

Ran cable run to No. 2 battery charger.

01 Jan. 1972

Changed cable and circuit breaker for battery charger's.

02 Jan. 1972

finish cable run to No. 3 and No. 4 hold battery charger.

Replace missing cover plate on Freon in diffuser room second level No. 4 hold.

Clean No. 1 DC generator (maximum effort) Purvis, Train Glenn.

03 Jan. 1972

worked on chief quarters bunk lights.

Worked on renewing contacts unit winches.

Repaired several small appliances.

Changed polarity on battery charger forward.

Replace the battery.

Washed down the floor in the shop.

04 Jan. 1972

repaired chiefs Grill.

Finish chiefs bunk lights.

Answered trouble calls during replenishment.

05 Jan. 1972

palette Jack repair, at least 100 of them things.

Work on 3-- 3 -- H vent relay and solenoid.

06 Jan. 1972 transit Gibraltar

Pallet Jack repair and fork truck.

Unit winch repair.

Repaired soda cooler in Gee-dunk.

Worked on Mercury Zenon searchlight's.

08 Jan. 1972

hit 1 with Concorde SF 5.

Burn out a1 coil in No. 2 unit winch

repair or truck on No. 3 level No. 4 hold.

Repaired electrical interlock mechanical on No. 6 unit winch.

Engine room watch is on 6 and 6.

09 Jan. 1972 Sunday

repaired fork trucks and pallet Jack's all-day.

10 Jan. 1972 Monday

alongside replenishment two hits.

11 Jan. 1972 Tuesday

alongside to replenishment.

Finish relamping friendship lights

12 Jan. 1972 Wednesday

worked on forward welder brushes required.

Half-day holiday routine.

Wrote up next quarters of PMS schedule.

13 Jan. 1972 Thursday

Anchored off Mount Romano inrep L. S. T.'s.

Answered trouble calls.

14 Jan. 1972 Friday

Pulled into Naples.

Liberty called by department heads.

15 Jan. 1972 Saturday

Rewound officers movie.

Slept most of the day away.

16 Jan. 1972 Sunday

holiday routine.

17 Jan. 1972 Monday

IC changed movies at NMPX Naples.

Repaired welder in the shipfitters shop.

Worked on lights No. 4 hold lower-level.

Picked up one or more from Concord AFS-2.

18 Jan. 1972 Tuesday

06 00 moved over to PIER to offload transit whale boat onloaded fleet cargo.

Adjusted No. 2 AC circulating pump motor.

Repaired boat boom (lights broken on the end of it.).

19 January 1972 Wednesday

At 06 00 set 6 and 6 replenishment watch.

Worked on PMS.

Installed drill press motor.

Repaired No. 7 cargo compressor motor controller.

Fixed shops movie projector.

20 Jan. 1972 Thursday

replenishment U.S. S. Seattle.

Repaired No. 11 controller handle (2 hours).

Repaired to fork trucks 1 and No. 4 hold and one in No. 3 (4 hours).

21 Jan. 1972 Friday


Half-day holiday routine.

Weak limit switch in No. 8 unit winch.

22 Jan. 1972 Saturday

changed oil pump motor's around (two different units).

Half-day holiday routine.

23 Jan. 1972 Sunday

last day of replenishment.

24 Jan. 1972 Monday (in transit, Palma Spain)

finished last week's PMS, brought down this week's PMS.

Rigged Med lights around the sides.

Repaired lighting circuit No. 3 hold bottom level.

Repaired lights in berthing and head.

25 Jan. 1972 Tuesday

arrived Palma (RIG MED lights).

Duty section only.

26 Jan. 1972 Wednesday

duty section only.

Hooked up phone.

27 Jan. 1972 Thursday

duty section only.

28 Jan. 1972 Friday

leave for Rota, Spain.

Unrig Med lights.

29 Jan. 1972 Saturday

clean and restored gear in cable lockers.

PMS for the week.

Payday, TB shots, ordered liquor and general nice day.

30 Jan. 1972 Sunday

fixed passageway lights.

Installed two new fluorescent lights Mess decks and second passageway.

PMS for next two weeks.

Ported Rota Spain.

31 Jan. 1972 Monday

headed for Continental United States. (EM2 John Train age 22)

1 February 1972 Tuesday

repair boatswain locker lights.

Repaired boatswain locker outlets.

Did weekly PMS.

Clean shop for return's zone inspection.

February 2nd 1972 Wednesday

continued shop cleanup.

worked on next week's PMS.

replaced 115 volt AC coil for ship service refrigerator.

Checked DCC kits and ordered what was needed.

February 3rd 1972 Thursday

Heavy seas.

Daily routine.

February 4th 1972 Friday

Heavy seas.

Daily routine.

February 5th 1972 Saturday

Light seas.

Daily routine.

February 6 1972 Sunday

Holiday routine.

February 7th 1972 Monday

Held general quarters.

Repair PMS bullshit.

Normal routine.

February 8th 1972 Tuesday

Repaired lights sockets in shaft alley.

Repaired ship service reefer box controls.

Clean space behind lamp locker.

Ordered new lights for log room.

Worked on lights in resister room forward.

February 9th 1972 Wednesday

New guide lists for battle lanterns.

Check out mean ventilation motors in STACKS.

Clean shop.

Weekly PMS.

February 10th 1972 Thursday

Entered NorVa.

F__k it.

February 11th 1972 Friday

Everyone is home except me! (Glenn Train).

Spent the day answering trouble calls and switching from ship power to shore power.

Also had the watch.

A woe is me.

February 12 1972 Saturday

Fixed the forward aircraft warning lights. (Man was it ever cold up their).

Not really that cold but scary. (But you didn't know what that son of a bitch Cox did).

February 13 1972 Sunday

Replaced cable on aft anchor light.

Worked on ground in main condensate motor.

Showed movies and answered trouble calls.

But then the United States Navy called it "Holiday routine."

February 14th 1972 Monday

Pulled main condensate pump motor.

February 15th 1972 Tuesday

Repaired main condensate to motor.

February 16th 1972 Wednesday

Worked on this week's PMS.

A new nut for the main condensate pump motor must be found before repairs can be made.

February 17th 1972 Thursday

Worked on PMS.

The main condensate armature to U.S. S. Vulcan.

Test ran on main condensate commencing at 15:00.

Repaired popcorn popper.

February 18th 1972 Friday

Normal routine.

February 19, 1972 Saturday

Another workday.

Had visitors aboard all-day.

It snowed today, yes that's right it snowed.

Fixed lights in B division corner of lower berth.

Had a real liferistic fire drill also.

February 20th 1972 Sunday (EM2 Scott duty electrician).

Holly routine.

Secured main condensate motor and checked for ground read 30 meg. (Approximately) Amen.

February 21st 1972 Monday (Purvis EMFN duty electrician)

Holiday routine.

Check out main housing pump motor for ground 30 meg. is recorded.

February 22nd 1972 Tuesday Kem ski brought down to the shop (Train EMFN duty electrician).

Clean the mats AC switchboard front and back.

Worked on PMS.

Repaired plugs receptacle and radio Central.

Tagged out vent 03-87-02 exhaust vent also A/C 4 radio Central.

Disconnect evaporator saltwater circulating pump.

Relamp port running light.


"Watch for more in the near future"

Submitted by John Train EM2