I am pleased to have you add my story about the "Dirty D" to the Sea Stories section of your web page.  I'm sorry, I cannot remember the date of Francis Kuhn's death. It happened overnight just after our return from a Med Cruise. He was one of the first off the ship, and I remained aboard to shut down the engineering plant after which I was allowed to go on liberty. It was at muster the next morning, that we were made aware of his death. A hell of a nice guy at heart, but a hard nose when he wanted you to learn your job. He is buried in the cemetery across from the NOB adjacent to the road leading to the Hampton Roads tunnel. I don't remember the name of the road.

I'm glad that you confirmed the electric shop was above the reefer shop. I just barely remember the layout of the ship. I had a friend in the electric shop by the name of "Budge" (I think??), my memory fails me at this point in my life. The crew was holding a field day one Friday morning.

As I was passing by the electric shop on the way to the reefer shop, to get the reefer gang started on field day, Budge popped out of the electric shop and asked me to hold a box of alkaline soap powder for him that he was using to clean the deck. I reached for the box and got the shock of my life. He had imbedded a charged up capacitor in the soap powder and run a couple of wires connected to the capacitor, down the side of the box.

Needless to say, I dropped the box on the deck in the passageway and chased him down. We scuffled a bit, all the while I was calling Budge every imaginable profane. word that I could muster. That was a "shocking" experience to say the least but it was all in fun I guess. We remained good friends until my transfer to Great Lakes Illinois as a Company Commander at the Recruit Training Command. I never heard of, or from, him again.

There I go again, running off at the mouth. have fond memories of the Denebola and more stories (all true) but I'll give you a break.

I will try to attend the reunion. At this point my intentions are to be there  lt sounds like fun. It would be interesting to meet some of the others that sailed on board and hear some of their stories.


Submitted by       Earl.Simonin