Zimmerman was mediocre, Buckley was fantastic. As the story goes he was

JFK's PT Commanding Officer during WW 2. Was a rising star in the Navy and should have retired because of a heart attack but the Pentagon liked him so much they gave him this Command. He was really the best. If you worked hard for him he let you play hard, great liberty ports because of his connections, went to 5O/50 from 2/3-1/3 when in port, allowed swapping so you could get big chunks of time off, we set all kinds of underway replenishment time records and he rewarded the crew with 24/7 casual dress, Levi's and Football Shirts. On deck sunbathing allowed and no dress whites, which got wrecked all the time, unless they were necessary. One of the few officers I served with that was truly a leader, highly motivating and no chicken @*#@.

Submitted by L. Twill