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John Kelhart

A "Train" Fire in Number 2 Hold !!!
During one of the 11 "Med cruises" I went on, one of the electric forklifts was malfunctioning. It turned out to be all the way down in the bottom level of #2 hold.  Lucky me - EM3 Train - got to work on it.  I was down there so absorbed in what I was doing I lost track of time.  The huge cover to the bottom level had already been lowered and as it turned out, the afternoon had slipped right away.  While I was working, or sleeping on the pallets and pallets of rags down there (no, I wouldn't have done that!) I heard the 1 foot thick door that closes over the only ladder out of this hole close. Not just close, but dropped as if it was slammed.
The next thing I knew I could hear the second level door being slammed shut as well. As luck would have it, there was no inside door release for me to push to make my escape. Being ingenious, and a smoker at the time, I took my cigarette lighter and set off the high temperature alarms for the lower level. Since I couldn't hear a thing being so deep in the ship, I lit off another one and then a third. None of them made any sound that I could hear. As one after another were setting off, the IC people were reporting a fire in the #2 hold bottom level. You guys (the entire crew!) all went to General Quarters while I was making a bed out of rags. I figured I would be sleeping there for the night. About half an hour after I had set off the alarms, I cold hear some stirring from above. finally the door over the ladder opened and I was right there looking at BMSN Walls. He simply turned towards main deck and said "it's only Train EM3!" A moment I'll never forget, and the XO said, "what, no fire?"
By the way, the exposure ration of brandy was worth it!  This is one of my favorite stories to tell. I'm just glad the CO2 system wasn't functioning!
*Submitted by Glenn "Tiny" Train EM2