This is from Ship serviceman 3rd class, Robert c. Queen
.  I Served aboard the Denebola from Jan, 1956 until around sometime in 1959. Started on the deck force 1st division under boatswain mates Baker and Magacinni. Learn to operate winch on #2 hole, which was a whole lot better than handling the cargo by hand. Remember making first sea cruise to Puerto Rico, getting seasick and swearing to fly back to the states which was totally impossible. Made all the cruises to the Med. My best ports of call were Spain, Greece and Lebanon when it was peaceful. Remember losing out on our liberty in Germany due to the crisis in Lebanon. Our plane guard duty for Pres. Ike up in the Artic waters was cold as was the stop over in Boston. Worst liberty was in Cherbourg, France and the NATO cruise liberty in Rothsay, Scotland. Strangest encounter was in  Argus, Denmark. The waitress in the bar had never seen a (negro) at that time and had to touch my skin and hair to satisfy her  curiosity. Also remembered having a near collision with  a tanker while I was in the shower and ran topside with a towel wrapped around me just in time to see the fantail of the tanker just slide by us. I could , tell some more tales but I'll saved them for another day. so remember  this ; Reveille, Reveille, heave  to and thrice up, clean sweep down fore and aft.