Taking on Water.......

While the ship was in port there was someone who was always up and on the sounding and security watch. It was a roving patrol and you had to open small caps in the deck and send down a 100-foot spool tape till it hit bottom. You would reel in the tape, watching for water to show up on the tape. You would record that measurement. On your next “round” you would do it all over again and record the measurements.

 Someone didn’t trust us to “rove” so they came up with this idea of buying a time clock that you hung around your neck and welded to the bulkhead at various spots throughout the ship were “stations.” The idea was to take a key from inside the station and place it into the time clock and turn it. This registered the time that you were at that “station.” I think that there were some 15 “stations.” Each “station” box had a key that was “chained” to the box. Boy oh boy, no trust here at all.

 I had the watch and on one particular night I happen to enter number four cargo hold and found lots of water on the lowest level, too much water. The Chief Engineer was still on board and I informed him that I thought that we might be sinking. What! Where? I told him lower level number four hold. He said, “Show me”

(Must have been from Missouri) so I showed him. It appears that the ship had a crack and we were taking on water. I don’t remember how it was fixed or if we had to go into the yards to dry-dock and fix it.

*submitted by:  John Train