You bet, we had resister rooms for the unit winches.


We also had to rebuild the drum controllers  on the masts. The salt air reeked havoc on the Bakelite and they would carbon track.
Yeah, the drum controllers! I guess they were new when we had them because I don't recall having any trouble with them.
What used to amaze me was they used second & third class seamen, not even rated guys, to operate those winches when re-supplying ships underway. They really had to know what they were doing. Sometimes they would not leave enough slack and those steel cables would be groaning and the bos'uns would be screaming. Other times, too much slack, and the load would go in the drink. It was fun to watch. But those guys got better with practice and ended up being very good.
 I use to love showing the crews movies and making a couple of bucks for doing it.


You got paid for showing movies???? I was also a projectionist (went to the 2 week school in Norfolk) and I had to do it for nothing. There was never any talk of pay.