When the Denebola was dispatched to the med, electrician mates rigged the med lights, every time we entered port. While everyone else was getting their showers in and readying for liberty;  we were high on the masts rigging these lights over the tops of all the masts and around the bulwark. Liberty call came late for us, except one night, in Lisbon, Portugal.

 We started to rig the lights and EM 2 Scott had set the assignments for which mast you were going to go up. I was chosen to go up the most forward mast. This was the mast the had all the antenna going to it.

 I started up the forward mast and I had been up there more than a few times when something caught my eye as strange, “I could see through the mast!” I climbed back down and Scott asked where was I going. I said the mast is cracked more that half way through. I said, “Maybe you want this mast.” Scott climbed up till he got to the break and he too came back down.

 We entered the Chief Engineers (Jim Whiteford) office and explained the situation to him. He couldn’t believe it. “Maybe on an old tug boat but not a ship of this size.” Jim climbed the mast, got to the break and back down again. Secure from rigging Med lights. Liberty Call

 Later that night, the Captain was with some Portuguese dignitaries and was explaining in the car that when they round the next hill, you would be able to see his ship, "ALL LIT UP", in the harbor. Needless to say, it was pretty dark out there in the harbor and the Captain was not too happy.  At least our liberty was sooner that usual.

*submitted by: John Train