Reference 1964-65 Cruise Book
  1967... Ray Hauser BMSN  & Ted Abbott GMGSA went from Naples to Capri. Paid 2000 lira ( about $2.80 in American money ) & took the ferry. It included a small meal & beverage ( RUM & COKE ). It was a beautiful sunny day. Once Ted & I got to Capri We began to check out the sights...and the area too...We found what We thought was a short cut using the rail road tracks, but were stopped by Capri's finest..the POLICE... We were escorted into town, gave us a small warning & let us go.. WHEW.... We were hungry now, decided to get a hot dog with relish & mustard & Ted likes Ketchup. (the red stuff that stains white uniforms) The hot dog roll was unusual not being cut down the middle but a HOLE BORED THROUGH THE END. You put the condiments in first & then drop in the wiener, different but good & not much of a mess. Then we found the Ice Cream place & got some gelatin. They had about 60 different kinds, so we both took the chocolate. Everything was going good until Ted’s Chocolate fell out of the cone & rolled down his nice clean JUMPER...well, we had a great time & Ted displayed his chocolate reward all around Capri until we returned back to the DENEBOLA & the rest of the crew... 
 Submitted by Ray Hauser